The Journal of Early Childhood Studies is a double-blind peer review scholarly journal which is published online by the Association for the Development for the Early Childhood Education in Turkey. Journal of Early Childhood Studies accepts the original qualitative and quantitative researches with an interdisciplinary perspective directly related to early childhood but also gives original research articles priority.

Journal of Early Childhood Studies;

  • publishes two issues a year, Spring and Fall, as well as a special issue once a year to share scientific work quickly with the public.
  • does not charge any fees for the submissions and publication.
  • You have to (register to submit your studies.
  • You can access the writing format from the author guidelines.
  • All work to be submitted on the system should be anonymous.
  • Please specify the relevant section when you are uploading your work into the system (Research Article, Review, etc.)

Each paper published in the Journal of Early Childhood Studies is assigned a DOI® number, which appears beneath the author's affiliation in the published paper.

PS: It is necessary to specify the ORCID number during registration and submission.

PS: Please register all the authors while submitting your manuscript. This is the submitting author's responsibility. Please be informed that we do not add any authors after the decision.

PS: It is mandatory to do proofreading for English manuscripts before publication. This is the author(s) responsibility. Author/s can submit the proofreading certificate to the journal system or send us an e-mail to eccd.jecs@gmail.com.

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