An evaluation of architectural structural diagram of independent kindergartens buildings

Zeynep Temiz


This study equipped with the purpose of investigating problems originated from architectural structural diagram in independent kindergartens. Fourteen Independent Pre-school principals working in Van- Turkey participated in this study. All of them were asked to draw a sketch showing shortcoming of their schools in terms of architectural structural diagram. They were also asked to suggest amendment on their school’s structural scheme to make school building more efficient to meet young children’s and staffs’ needs. To collect data all of the principals were given A3 size papers. Some of the principals draw their schools’ sketch some of them add their schools’ structural plan and make changes and take notes on those plans. After collecting all sketches document analysis was utilized for the current study. Findings of this study revealed that principals have been experiencing several problems because of structure of school buildings. All of the principals working in star-building type kindergarten declared that this school type is not appropriate for eastern region and it has many drawbacks to efficiently educate young children.  The main themes emerged from this study are heating, access of children with special needs, storage and space problems.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Independent kindergartens, school buildings, architectural structure diagram

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