Timely promotion as a motivation factor for job performance among pre-primary school teachers: Observations from Tanzania

Laurent Gabriel Ndijuye, Pambas Basilius Tandika


The study explored the role of timely promotion as a motivational factor among pre-primary school teachers. Two districts (1 urban affluent and 1 rural poor) were selected. Stratified purposive sampling was used in the selection of 16 schools - 08 from each district; 32 pre-primary school teachers – 04 from each school, and 08 school principals – 01 from each school. Data were collected through interviews, questionnaires and documentary review. Regardless of urbanicity, findings revealed that the primary responsibility of teachers was to ensure children’s holistic development. Achievement of this role solely depended on timely promotion and other motivational factors such as the involvement of teachers in decision making, appreciation from educational officers, and good working conditions. It recommends that joint efforts among pre-primary education stakeholders should timely promote teachers, pay their salary arrears, upwardly review teachers’ welfare packages, and the conditions of services.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Pre-primary education, Teacher motivation, Teachers’ views, Timely promotion, Job performance, Job satisfaction, Tanzania

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24130/eccd-jecs.1967201932129


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