Collaborative learning in kindergarten: Challenge or reality?

Eleni Zisopoulou


Collaborative learning is a twenty-first-century education trend with its main characteristic being the interaction among classmates. Collaborative learning in kindergarten, however, presents many difficulties, as preschoolers do not have advanced cooperation skills. As a result, teachers face challenges when applying this method. The study aimed to evaluate teachers’ opinions about collaborative learning. The study’s sample was composed of 107 kindergarten teachers in Greek schools. The tool was an improvised questionnaire that included personal characteristics of the sample, 14 multiple-choice questions on the application of collaborative learning and 33 questions regarding teachers’ opinions about collaborative learning. Analysis of the data has shown that collaborative learning is frequently used in kindergarten schools, even though almost half of the teachers have never attended a relevant training course. In addition, teachers have highly evaluated the results of the method, which includes social and cognitive skills and the effects of collaborative learning evaluation and skills advancement.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Collaborative learning; Teaching; Interaction; Kindergarten

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