The discourse of early childhood education and fashioning of modern mothers

Ziya Toprak


This study is analyzes the discourse of early childhood education and the role of pedagogy in fashioning modern mothers. This case of this study is Mother-Child Education Foundation (MCEF). It analyzes the imaginary of MCEF, which opens up a “space of intervention” and is articulated through discourses of the normal development of children and modernizing motherhood. The analyses of this study consist of two parts. In the first part, the official social imaginary of MCEF as civil society organization is interpreted. In the process of interpretation I problematized the projects and techniques deployed in MCEF programs via using analytical tools provided by governmentality studies. Second part of the analyses is concerned with MCEF’s Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP) as a mechanism to fashion modern mother. 

Keywords: Early childhood education, discourse analyses, modernization, non-governmental organization

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